Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sid's Back

Sid's back. And I am in a state of shock. This time he's slithered in through the back door and nestled into my black living room rug. To get him out of my house, and my life, I had to get him up and over the back door step. This is yards and yards away. I got a hooked stick and tried to lift him forwards but he leapt into the air wriggling, squirming, glistening and landed further into the room.

I am yelling in fright and screaming at him to 'Get out!'

Then it got worse. As I lunged at him with my stick his tail fell off - and there were two of them. Sid and his separated tail both wriggling at the same time. Perfectly synchronised. Oh this is a nightmare.

I eventually hooked Sid and got him out through the door and threw him with such force he's halfway up the garden now. But the tail was losing strength. I now know that Sid wrenched his own tail off as a distraction while he hoped to make his escape. It wriggled independently for a while, weakened, then flopped right outside the back door and went still.

I am shaking now. I can hardly type.

Such a lovely day and I was about to sit outside in the May sunshine but I can't. He's there. Him and his tail. Waiting for me.
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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Not Welcome

Sid The Slow Worm has obviously found alternative accommodation and I wish him well. Now, Will The Wasp has moved in. He's on my inside window sill. He was there all day yesterday just staring at me. But we got on alright. He doesn't move at all. He was still there in the same position this morning. There's no way this photo shows his size but he is huge. Is this a wasp? Surely it's too early for a wasp

Get him out? I can't. This window doesn't open meaning I'd have to scoop him up into something and take the risk, moving acroos the room to a door or a window that open and give him a chance to survive in the fresh air.

He's still there. I know Will is alive because we make eye contact. If he was dead he'd crumple in a heap and wither.

If he isn't in the same place tomorrow morning I shall worry. That will mean he is still here - in a nook or a cranny in this old cottage.

Is it a Wasp?
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