Friday, 22 February 2008

Suggestive Food

We spent two nights at The Grand Hotel in Torquay to include Valentine's. Above is my first course. It's Asparagus Spears wrapped in something meaty with Quail Eggs and a creamy Hollondaise. It does look Phallic and it tasted delicious.

Above is my main course. It's Duck Breast with a Pear poached in red wine. Unfortunately, the kitchen was under pressure - Not Enough Cooks - and we'd finished our wine by the time the main courses arrived and I can't remember what that large food object is laid across the top of the breast. That's why I'm glad I took a picture because on reflection it looks Phallic too.

Those umbrellas on the terrace certainly look Phallic.

The Grand is a lovely hotel to stay in for a short break. This was our third visit. The interior has splendid Art Deco features, polite staff and our Slovakian head waiter won't be there next time we go because he's spent the last six years studying with the Open University while working at The Grand. He is accepting his Degree this year and will be taking a post as a Translator so he won't have to pound the restaurant floor for seven hours a night. That's dedication.
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Monday, 18 February 2008

More As Promised

I love these shoes. The heel is an unusual shape and the square toe good. They are comfortable but I totter in them. They are twelve years old.

Mock reptile skin. Ankle straps. High heels. Waving them a tearful Goodbye. Ten years old.

I feel dainty in these cream seude strappy shoes. I don't look delicate as I fell off them several times and had to walk home bare-foot when we couldn't get a taxi. Twelve years old.

This is the Tip Of The Iceberg.

Should I do an eBay or rent a market stall and sell the lot?
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Sunday, 17 February 2008

I Can't Do This Anymore

I can't wear heels anymore-ever. There are hundreds of pairs of Tart's Trotters, boot and shoe, in cupboards, chests, drawers under the bed, in black sacks and the bottom of my wardrobe. They are beautiful, worn but never walked in. Bought because I loved the look of them. I've suffered in the past wearing them to get to the taxi, sit at the bar, wobble to the restaurant table, then have an inner argument with myself asking, can I be bothered to totter up the stairs to the toilets and then risk falling down them? Lately I've chosen to retrain my bladder rather than risk it. Lately, every restuarant we've been to has Cobbled Pathways. I cannot walk on Cobbled Pathways in High Heels unless I'm prepared to risk breaking my ankles, knees or hips.

Above are four inch high cork wedged sandals. I loved them so much I bought them in both Black and White. They make me appear to be taller in my head. This is a lie because I can't stand up straight in them, I stoop forwards for balance and look shorter, bent knees. Not a good look.

These are my ankle shoe boots. Lined with scarlet. My legs look so elegant as I sit but not as elegant when I attempt to walk in them.

My next Blog Entries will all be photos of my shoes that I can't wear anymore, and probably never should have worn in the past. This will be a lot of entries.

I shall eventually follow these with the shoes I can wear now, still look good and certainly safer.
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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Cooled Down

I'm not so ranty now.

The missing USB arrived in the next day's post. The HP monochrome laser printer (forty pounds - how can this be) installed easily. So cheap, no ink, how does it actually work? Obviously no scanner, copier and no fax but I only use a printer for business letters, whereas up until last year I had to scan and copy quite a few documents.

The fax on the old printer was a nuisance. I never installed this facility but my builders still faxes and every time he sent me one the HP the fax would kick in, the printer went berserk, print the fax and disrupt my phone line. So when I answered the phone I got the Burbling associated with a fax, my Answerphone wouldn't work and that's how I came to lose the printer all together as every time this happened I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it - but it wasn't having it this time.

The DVD Handset? The TV technician came today and it wasn't broken. It needed replacement batteries. But how come? I'd changed them, bloke changed them, daughter changed them and it wouldn't work for any of us. It does now.

I am still ranting about Hillary's Blinds. I ordered my internal shutters in November. Measured up, paid a 50% deposit and as I was about to tell the representitive that I didn't want them fitted until the end of January when the decorating would be finished he said,

'They won't be here until the end of January as they are made in China and shipped across.'

Because this suited me anyway I accepted the time-line. I would/should never have said yes otherwise.

They'd better fit.