Thursday, 31 January 2008


Got a new Flossing DVD handset that isn't working with my new Sony DVD player. Done batteries and tried the DVDs in another player. Result - its the handset.

Got a five year old HP all-in-one printer that refuses to re-install. I can't continue driving myself insane trying to get it to work. I am about to Hurl It out of the window.

This is after I'd had to buy a new DVD external drive because the Flossing internal DVD on my tower packed up and without the DVD I couldn't put the Installation Disc in.

Just had a new printer delivered because I am so Flossed Off with my old one and there's no USB enclosed, even though it Has A Check List including the USB with a picture of it on the box!!!!!!.

I've got a box of trailing leads, USBs and other rubbish, one of which should fit, from obselete technology in a cupboard and they've all knotted up like Live Snakes and I've just chucked the box in the air with Twitting Fury.

I am still waiting for Hillary's Blinds to tell me my Pooping Internal Shutters have been made in China and have safely crossed the High Seas so I can have the BumWiping things installed - I ordered them in November!

One week after my new galley kitchen was installed the immersion tank above burst and stained my new plaster ceiling and I had to have a new immersion and the Weeing Ceiling redecorated.

If I didn't already drink alcohol - I'd start now!

Monday, 28 January 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

The work-in-progress on the cottage continues. I have moved on from ghastly pub lighting in here to glass and crystal. The centre light chandelier above is acrylic in an Art-Deco style. I bought three of them for lounge, landing and bedroom six months ago from The White Company online and have finally reached the tarting up stage so the electrician arrived this morning to install all my new fittings. They seem very grand for a small cottage but I adore them. They are bold and blend well with plastered stone walls, black beams and wood.

Above is one of the two new wall lights from John Lewis online. Look at the shadows and patterns cast on the walls. John Lewis is the first online store I visit when I need something new for the home. I bookmark items I like and then carry on searching to compare. Next day free delivery and excellent Customer Service.

So now I need sunglasses indoors. This home has never been so bright.

New carpets fitted on Wednesday.
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Friday, 25 January 2008

Scented Soy For Me

My decorator spent three days washing my plaster walls before he could begin emulsioning them. They were coated with a layer of wax and very black smoke damaged corners under curtains. Yes - from burning perfumed paraffin wax candles. I love my Yankee candles but the damage was extensive. He advised me to burn Soy candles. I am horrified at the toxins in paraffin wax candles. Disconcerted that my expensive re-paint jobby could be ruined with simply burning a candle.

Some Googling and this website in the top ten on the first page appealed to me the most. Sentelle Soy candles Easy to navigate and customer friendly. I liked being able to choose not only the fragrance but the colour of the candle as well.

Within hours of my order being accepted I had a personal email from Sentelle thanking me for my custom and telling me my fragrant Soy Candles would be delivered within twenty four hours - and they were. With a handwritten Thank You note and a small gift.

Beautifully presented and the promise of the fragrance lasting the life of the candle, slow burning, biodegradable, toxin free, non-carcinogenic from a sustainable resource. I took advantage of free delivery for orders over £50.00 then I took a photo of them for you because they are attractive.
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Monday, 14 January 2008

Wine Tasting and Lipstick

The wine tasting in a luxurious South African Vineyard began like this. Clean, shining glasses, the list of wines we were tasting, with spaces to write comments, a dish of dry crackers and a spittoon.

It ended like this.
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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

My Favourite

After two weeks travelling through South Africa seeing wonderful scenery, flowers, birds, sitting on an ostrich then eating it for lunch, lions, crocodiles, wilderbeasts, meercats, holding an elephant's tusk, penguins, seals, lions, pumas you'd think I could do better than this - a photo of a Dung Beatle - but I love them.

They burrow into the dung and gather a golf ball sized lump then roll it to a hiding place where they lay their eggs inside it. They nick each others dung balls and fight over them. Very entertaining.
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