Friday, 30 November 2007

Bad Taste

My decluttering has produced some forgotten gems, including this cruet set. I've never used it. Perhaps I would if it ground rock salt and black peppercorns. See how the male bottom is perter than the female's?
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Thursday, 29 November 2007

My New Galley Kitchen

This is my new galley kitchen. Twelve years ago I got planning permission to build a kitchen extension here but had to let it go because I couldn't afford it.

This refit in the existing galley, completed six weeks ago, cost almost as much as as an extension would have in 1995 but I love the result. Before this refit it was a 1970's Retro. Even more poignant for me because I've never had a brand new cooker, fridge, floor-tiles, sink, units, washing machine or lights in my life. I've always bought reconditioned or they've been another person's choice and come with the property.

The Butcher's Block on castors is wonderful for food preparation and storing everyday knives, cutlery and china. I'm pleased I didn't have that extension as perhaps it would seem dated now?
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Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I told my Tesco Home Delivery Man that I ordered my Mum's weekly shop online from Dorset and it was delivered to her in Sussex.

'That's nothing' he said ' There's a bloke in Canada who orders his Mum's shopping from there and she gets it delivered in Dorset'.

I told my Mum. A pause on her end of the 'phone. Then,

'That's a long way to fly the shopping'.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Navigation Inn

A sample of some of the brilliant dressing up for Halloween at The Navigation Inn at Buxworth, High Peaks.

These are the chefs.

The first slices of the roasted sheep. It was delicious.

Very scary indeed. The landlords of The Navigation Inn decorated every spare inch and I hear that they've already decorated for the Christmas Season with equal enthusiasm.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Woken up to water dripping through my newly plastered kitchen ceiling onto my new electric hob. Got a bucket catching the drips. Taken a photo for insurance purposes.

Not a disaster compared to the many global troubles but it really has upset me. I waited years for the time and the money to re-renovate my tiny old cottage. Spent since April with builders and total chaos and dust and living uncomfortably - then this happens.

My own fault for feeling so snug and smug and complacent because my home is (was) almost perfect at last and I was wallowing in the pleasure and comfort. That'll learn me.

Where's a Polish Plumber when you need one?

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Do It Yourself

Had to wait a whole month to get my dental appointment. A back molar is loose and I'll need a bridge in the future.

I arrived at nine in the morning to be told the dentist's drill was overheating and I'd need to make another appointment as he couldn't treat me. I argued that my mouth was senstive and I was taking pain killers - so they gave me a box of anti-biotics.

This snotty receptionist told me I could have another appointment in a month's time. I was livid. Told her I wasn't going to wait that long and shouldn't have to and will not be paying for the anti-biotics as I only need them because they couldn't treat me. She reluctantly gave me an appointment in ten days time.

Meanwhile, this loose tooth means I can't eat, speak with a slur and worn my tongue out pushing it back in it's socket.

So I got home still full of anger - so I yanked it out myself.

Bloke suggested that the pantomime season is with us and I could get a bit-part as a Pirate.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Back With Another Flurry

A whole summer spent renovating the cottage, visiting Instanbul and Wales so no wonder no Blogging.

Sadly I had to abandon my Open University course. The first time I've had to drop out of an OU course and it upset me to have to do this but I made the right decision as studying would have added pressure to an already very busy time - can always pick up the pieces next year.