Sunday, 18 November 2007

Do It Yourself

Had to wait a whole month to get my dental appointment. A back molar is loose and I'll need a bridge in the future.

I arrived at nine in the morning to be told the dentist's drill was overheating and I'd need to make another appointment as he couldn't treat me. I argued that my mouth was senstive and I was taking pain killers - so they gave me a box of anti-biotics.

This snotty receptionist told me I could have another appointment in a month's time. I was livid. Told her I wasn't going to wait that long and shouldn't have to and will not be paying for the anti-biotics as I only need them because they couldn't treat me. She reluctantly gave me an appointment in ten days time.

Meanwhile, this loose tooth means I can't eat, speak with a slur and worn my tongue out pushing it back in it's socket.

So I got home still full of anger - so I yanked it out myself.

Bloke suggested that the pantomime season is with us and I could get a bit-part as a Pirate.


pal said...

Wow! Spitting feathers takes on a whole new twist! It must have been really painful to yank it out yourself!

kat said...

There was a report on the TV not so long ago about people resorting to pulling out their own teeth.

You will have saved yourself a few bob. :-)

Buggles Balham High Road said...

It wasn't painful Pal because it was so loose and I was so cross and he could have done it for me without using his stupid drill but it would have been done under sterile conditions and not me hanging over a basin to catch the blood!

Have to go back Kat for a replacement filling in another tooth. Grimace.