Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Woken up to water dripping through my newly plastered kitchen ceiling onto my new electric hob. Got a bucket catching the drips. Taken a photo for insurance purposes.

Not a disaster compared to the many global troubles but it really has upset me. I waited years for the time and the money to re-renovate my tiny old cottage. Spent since April with builders and total chaos and dust and living uncomfortably - then this happens.

My own fault for feeling so snug and smug and complacent because my home is (was) almost perfect at last and I was wallowing in the pleasure and comfort. That'll learn me.

Where's a Polish Plumber when you need one?


pal said...

Looks a lovely kitchen. Like the tiles. Hope it has stopped dripping now and there wasn't too much damage.

It can be a bit tricky finding out where the water is coming from sometimes as it can run a long way at times!

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Pal - it was my immersion cylinder leaking in the airing cupboard in my New Bathroom. Dripped through my newly plastered ceiling in my New Kitchen.

Why didn't it happen six months ago before it was all done up?

So new immersion tomorrow.

Its only a galley kitchen but I adore it and food tastes better ;-)

pal said...

Think that must be Sods Law operating!