Thursday, 29 November 2007

My New Galley Kitchen

This is my new galley kitchen. Twelve years ago I got planning permission to build a kitchen extension here but had to let it go because I couldn't afford it.

This refit in the existing galley, completed six weeks ago, cost almost as much as as an extension would have in 1995 but I love the result. Before this refit it was a 1970's Retro. Even more poignant for me because I've never had a brand new cooker, fridge, floor-tiles, sink, units, washing machine or lights in my life. I've always bought reconditioned or they've been another person's choice and come with the property.

The Butcher's Block on castors is wonderful for food preparation and storing everyday knives, cutlery and china. I'm pleased I didn't have that extension as perhaps it would seem dated now?
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pal said...

No drip now I trust!

Your Butcher's Block sounds great, really useful.

Excellent timing to be up and running just before Christmas!

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Drip gone Pal. New immersion tank installed - an expense not really wanted.

Got friends coming for Sunday lunch but I've cheated and shopped in M&S and Waitrose for some smashing food.

I do feel guilty about this because I have always done my own preparing but it is such hard work, all that chopping and rolling and mixing I can't face it. The quality of these Ready To Cook fresh foods is so good and I don't want to feel like a Come Dine With Me victim.

pal said...

Ready made is fine by me :-) Apparently cooking diva Deliah is going to incorporate some into her new tv series.

They are so good for busy people - no waste either.

tea and cake said...

Your new kitchen looks really fab! And, I am currently without cooker, so am really envious. We have been living on ready-made food this week and I hate it, though M&S is a good subsistute. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday lunch with your friends. cheers.