Thursday, 31 January 2008


Got a new Flossing DVD handset that isn't working with my new Sony DVD player. Done batteries and tried the DVDs in another player. Result - its the handset.

Got a five year old HP all-in-one printer that refuses to re-install. I can't continue driving myself insane trying to get it to work. I am about to Hurl It out of the window.

This is after I'd had to buy a new DVD external drive because the Flossing internal DVD on my tower packed up and without the DVD I couldn't put the Installation Disc in.

Just had a new printer delivered because I am so Flossed Off with my old one and there's no USB enclosed, even though it Has A Check List including the USB with a picture of it on the box!!!!!!.

I've got a box of trailing leads, USBs and other rubbish, one of which should fit, from obselete technology in a cupboard and they've all knotted up like Live Snakes and I've just chucked the box in the air with Twitting Fury.

I am still waiting for Hillary's Blinds to tell me my Pooping Internal Shutters have been made in China and have safely crossed the High Seas so I can have the BumWiping things installed - I ordered them in November!

One week after my new galley kitchen was installed the immersion tank above burst and stained my new plaster ceiling and I had to have a new immersion and the Weeing Ceiling redecorated.

If I didn't already drink alcohol - I'd start now!


Rob Spence said...

That is a classic rant. I think your problem was trying to clean your teeth with a DVD player - that's never going to work:-)

Buggles Balham High Road said...

My Sonic Toothbrush and the DVD Player Handset? Perhaps that's why I seem to be spending so much time at the Dentist lately.

'The Faint Aroma of Performing Seals'

Frank Sinatra 'I wish I Were In Love Again'

I can sing this without faltering.

'When Love Congeals, It Soon Reveals...'

And until recently I though the lyric went

'The quick to bargain when you reach the heights' but the word is 'Toboggan'

Rob Spence said...

Just catching up with you - yes, you are right about the seals: just posted on that topic.