Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Sicilian And Dorset Food

I'll begin with Dorset and my lunch of Moules at the Riverside in West Bay overlooking the harbour. Seafood is my favourite food.

Above is a Campari and Blood Orange Juice in Sicily. I've been searcing for Blood Orange Juice ever since we got home as Campari won't taste right without it now.

Above is my dessert - a sort of Brandy Snap filled with ricotto and pistachio and so lovely. The waiter told me I must eat it without cutlery - directly into my mouth and suck - but he was Sicilian and rather gorgeous and I didn't do as I was told because my lipstick would have smeared.

My birthday lunch was in the Sicilian town of Taormina on the terrace of The Grand Hotel. The view from the terrace was Mount Etna. We were going up Mount Etna the next day but meanwhile above is my lunch. All manner of seafoods including something with eight legs.
It is enormously expensive to stay in The Grand and we could see why as it is so desirable so it was a special treat to lunch there. Everyone was wearing Prada, even the children, except us, unless the P stood for Peacocks.

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