Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Went for a ride on a narrow boat along the canal at Bugsworth in the High Peaks on Sunday afternoon. I love the sea, rivers and boats but canals are a very different experience. We chugged along very slowly to Whaley Bridge then moored up for a pint and chugged back gently for a late Sunday Roast in The Navigation Inn at Bugsworth. The Semi-Trad Narrow Boat owner is refitting the inside so isn't living on it yet but hopes to within the next six months. I can see why people opt out of Real Life, buy a canal boat and a mooring and float about the Waterways. Very tempting Way Of Life.

I wonder how long it would take to take the canal route from Bugsworth to London - but would it matter? Has to be better than driving to London in a car.

Saturday night was spent in Bugsworth and a great meal with friends and then a live Gig at the Buggy Club with a terrific Blues Band and a mesmerising performance by the harmonica player. A spooky figure in the half light, dressed in black completed by his haunting musicianship. I like the Blues because I know all the words and the toons.
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Rob Spence said...

*The* Blues Band? With Paul Jones? That would be great. I'm interested in longboats- but how would a cack-handed lump like me cope with locks?

Rob Spence said...

...and I think your clock is set to Eastern pacific Time or some such. I'm really not sad enough to be posting at 3.15 in the morning...
It's 11.15 on Saturday!

Buggles Balham High Road said...

No Rob - not that Blues Band although we saw them live in the Marine Theatre at Lyme Regis two years ago and Paul Jones still looked Like A Boy. This was a local blues band so I shouldn't have used capitals.

I couldn't navigate locks either but there seems to be a great community of people on the canals and they help each other out.

We travel there and back on the train from Macclesfield to Taunton and the canal system is very evident through the Midlands, side by side with railways, roads and industry and allotments. Many men sitting by the locks contemplating aand I'm sure they'd give you a hand.

Although I wasn't driving we've been on massive locks on the Volga and the Yangtze so the warm and friendly ones on the UK canal waterways should be easy.

Must adjust my clock! Thanks.

tea and cake said...

I love narrow boats and, once you've got the hang of it, it becomes quite easy.
We have dreams of living on one too, though, now our family have moved up to Scotland to be near us it would seem rude to bu**ger off to a canal! kaz xx

Nogbad said...

I wish I'd seen this earlier! As a child I went to Buxworth with the school - they had an outdoor pursuits centre there. It was long before the canal basin was cleaned up and the pub (The Navigation?) was owned by Pat Phoenix of Coronation Street fame. I could bore for England on the canals and navigable waterways of England, particularly in the north west, and have been on lots of boating holidays. Wonderfully relaxing.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Still see lots of City living youngsters doing water pursuits on the canal at Buxworth over the weekends. The Navigation is a great pub catering for everyone. Walkers, sport, boaters, locals and we had a great weekend there at Halloween and Guy Fawkes.

A whole spit roasted sheep and hot pies, vivid green mushy peas and chips. Huge bonfore and firework display with some very inventive dressing up plus a disco.

Seriously considering buying a narrow boat and dividing our lives up between living in the soft, warm south and cruising the waterways. The idea of travelling at five miles an hour really attracts.