Sunday, 9 December 2007

Everything But The Head

I have never eaten so much meat in one sitting. No:29 restaurant and wine bar in Whaley Bridge Derbyshire was perfect. The decor is warm and welcoming and modern and we were given a professional welcome and the waiting staff were very efficient and friendly. A small jazz combo played Norah Jones type music during the evening at the right level, not drowning conversation and adding to the relaxing atmosphere. Above is my first course. Sweetbreads. They were perfectly cooked and brought back many happy memories for me as my late Chef husband used to cook Sweetbreads when we owned our restaurant. December 7th would have been his birthday so eating them seemed like a perfect tribute.

The above dish was described as Lamb Three Ways. Much laughter. There are Lamb's Kidneys, two Lamb Cutlets and a Barnsley Lamb Chop on a Rosti. Again perfectly cooked and flavoursome. These two dishes contained more meat than I eat in a week. I did have to give one of the Cutlets to my bloke. Can you see those Sumo Chips just above with a Rib-Eye Beef Steal balanced on top?

A great evening in a smashing restaurant.
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pal said...

Wow looks like a plate full of protein!

Its so nice when you find a restaurant you like, they can be a bit hit and miss, even the ones with a good write up can be a disappointment if its the chefs night off or something. Nice to have music too.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Everyone's meal was good, interesting and very tasty. The soft jazz was a bonus and and added to the ambience.

I love photographing food I eat in restaurants because when I look at them later the images give me total recall of the night - especially if I'm in a haze of wine at the time.

I had too much on this night because I only wanted a glass and ended up sharing a bottle of white with one of our party as the others were on red.

pal said...

Ah! There are benefits from drinking white wine after all :-)

You'll have to do T189 if you like taking foodie pics, they show you how to edit the photos to make them look just like the glossy mag food pics. in part of the course. You'd love it, your artistic streak could really go to town.

pal said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. All the best for 2008!