Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fischer's Baslow Hall

Morty surprised me for my birthday and booked us into Baslow Hall in Derbshire for one night and dinner in Fischer's, their Michelin Restaurant. It was indeed a surprise because the Chef was one of the competing chefs in The Great British Menu 2008 and I'd seen him cook on the television.

Above are the hot and cold canapes served before dinner. I have eaten Foam now. All modern chefs Do Foam now. The tastes are extremely intense, yet light and delicious.

Above are our deserts, a selection from the dinner menu. Ice creams, souffle, fruit and thin biscuits and chocolate.

Above are the petit fours and lollipops served with divine coffee. A totally wonderful eating experience and my first ever meal sampling Great British Cooking. It was a privilidge. Our room with a canopied bed was utter luxury. Baslow Hall is set in gracious, landscaped gardens and we were made to feel very welcome.

We shall return.
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Rob Spence said...

Cooking on the telly? You'd need an old fashioned cathode ray tube for that wouldn't you? And how do you control the heat? Must be one of those daft Blumenthal ideas.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Ha Rob. I need to rephrase that don't I?

Yes. Foam is one of his daft ideas. I heard Pru Leith describe it as Scum On The Telly yesterday.

Done it again.

kat said...

Great birthday present!

pal said...

What a luscious surprise.

pal said...

What a luscious surprise.

tea and cake said...

Yum, all of that looks as delicious as it sounds, lucky you!
and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we won't ask which, LOL.
I have tagged you over on my blag blog and I will ask you to put up what you have upon your desktop, too.
(I forgot to let grum know and he found it! Oops!)

Anonymous said...

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