Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Glasses

I still need two pairs of glasses. One pair for reading and another for driving and watching the television. I don't need glasses for walking about - yet. But the prescriptions are getting closer so I reckon in two years time when I have my eye test they'll tell me I need one pair with graduated lenses. That's OK because this 'buy one set of designer frames and get one free' will mean I can have a pair of prescription sunglasses as well so that I can read, drive and walk about wearing shades. And have a glass of wine in the pub during the day wearing shades because I need to see.

I love my new red glasses. They match my lipstick.
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Maddie Grigg said...

Love those specs!

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Thanks Maddie. I took hours choosing them. I went in an hour before my appointment and tried on every pair in the shop.

In the past they test eyes then tell you to choose the frames and by that time I always point at random and never like them when I collect them a few days later.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Maddie, specs are fabulous. If I had to wear them I would wear exactly the same - red it my colour!

I always loved reading your blog, the picture of the RV Tonle Pandaw is simply beautiful.

CJ xx

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Thanks Crystal. The boat was beautiful. There's another boat from the same fleet that sails up The River Kwai and that only carries twenty passengers so we're earmarking that one for the future.

Put it on my list (cough)

Gail said...

Very funky specs! You can get such fab designs nowadays - a far cry from the old NHS pink plastic.