Thursday, 5 March 2009

I Am Being Frivolous

I imagine as we all get older we have a Bucket List. Things we must do Before We Die. My Bucket List doesn't include travel because I've done that and still doing it and if I had to stop now I wouldn't be saying 'I wish I'd been to China, Cuba, Africa, Russia' and so on because I have. If I had to spend future holidays in a hotel in Torquay gazing over Torbay waiting for somebody to bring me my medication my memories would be with the exotic destinations I have visited. Those memories will keep me going.

But, I've never owned a designer handbag. I have always scorned those with a desire to own a designer handbag. I do have a cupboard full of handbags bought from the high street. Not a designer handbag amongst them. Not until in a Mad Menopausal Moment at Heathrow on our last holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia when I found myself handing over a fistful of sterling to a disinterested sales-person in the Mulberry Outlet. I felt faint. What was I doing? I love my Mulberry bag. I don't need anybody else to recognise it as An Expensive Designer Handbag. Owning one is in my Bucket List. So that's ticked off.

Then there's a Manicure. When I owned my first Hairdressing Salon I sent one of my apprentices to Revlon in London for a one week training course. It was an expensive week for me as I had to pay her, her travelling expenses and the training, and a temp to fill her space, but her new skills lifted my business and my weekly takings went up. She was so busy there was never enough time for me to have a manicure. Why do my nails when she could have a paying customer.

This afternoon I ticked off another Bucket List item. I've had something wonderful done to my nails at Beauty & Beyond in my local High Street. The charming Amanda worked on my nails for one hour and transformed my fingertips with tips and gels into things of beauty. I can use my keyboard in comfort. My hands look and feel elegant. I shall have them Filled in two weeks time and that'll take half an hour. Half an hour every two weeks is a lot less than I've spent in the past fussing about them. Buying nail products that haven't worked. Chipped nail colour and dodgy cuticles.

So what next on the List? I'm going to buy something from this wonderful Scandinavian clothes catalogue. These are clothes way out of my comfort zone. As well as my price zone. They are organic and artistic. Soft and fluid.

I'll let you know.
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kat said...

I am really fussy about handbags and whenever I get a new one I always spend as much money as I can afford. Correction - I usually spend more than I can afford. Enjoy your new bag.

Gail said...

I'm very scornful of the "fashionable" expensive handbags that fashion victims queue up to buy. But I do have 3 expensive handbags - not the fashionable sort - in brown, grey and burgundy which cover most bases, and they make me feel confident.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

My colours too Gail. Grey, brown and burgundy although next time I'm in a Duty Free Zone I'm going to aim for a black patent one.

My new bag is a camel coloured leather and it will be my forever bag.

Kat - yes - more than I can afford.

kat said...

Brown, grey and burgundy?? - nooooooooo.

Any colour you like as long as it is black. :-)

kat said...

Brown, grey and burgundy?? - nooooooooo.

Any colour you like as long as it is black. :-)

Maddie Grigg said...

I bought a designer handbag from a market stall in Bridport. It's orange and looks like a 17th tapestry cushion cover. With me, it's boots. And if a manicurist saw my nails they'd kill themselves. Beyond repair, all that nibbling of the skin and nails like shovels.