Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Mystery Birthday Treat

I knew we were on the road to Bath but where we were staying and having dinner was a mystery. I didn't know where until we drove up the crunchy gravelled drive and arrived at The Bath Priory Hotel.

This was my birthday treat. Bloke did the same for me last year when we stayed and ate at Baslow Hall in Derbyshire. And he pulled off the same surprise this year. Whenever we're going away I look up the hotels/B & Bs on TripAdvisor to get some idea of what we're in for. I like a bit of prior knowledge. This can raise or lower expectations. If it's going to be a surprise then let it all unfold. 

The photo above is our afternoon tea sat in the stunning lounge at The Bath Priory. One finger sandwich is missing because Bloke was in there eating before I got to get my camera out. Most of my What I Had To Eat photos have an image of his hand foraging for food and spoiling the look.

Later, sitting in the bar drinking a Campari and Soda and tasting canapes at seven o'clock before dinner Bloke said,

"There's the Chef"

It was Michael Caines OBE. That Chef. This was getting better by the moment. He is very good looking with a glossy complexion that shows he uses Products on his face. He is Executive Chef at the Bath Priory Spa Hotel and is only there for a couple of months and then moving on to run his expanding business empire called aBode

Worth following the link because he is expanding in the UK everywhere and after our great dining experience I certainly wish him well. He deserves success in the future. 
Here's my first course of Brixham scallops, veal sweetbreads, pea puree and morel veloute.
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Here's my Rack of Lamb. It was stunning. In between we were served a demi-tasse of asparagus soup with such an intense flavour - essence of asparagus. 

The Bath Priory is a beautiful place to stay or just visit for an afternoon tea. Sit in their landscaped gardens. View the art work in the lounges and sitting rooms. 

Two sandwiches and two coffees at a motorway service station cost almost the same as afternoon tea here - in glorious settings and a sense of being pampered. 


Maddie Grigg said...

Wow! Lovely. Buggles, you go to such lovely places. I must have a chat with that nice Mr Grigg.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

You must. Especially as he had a Manly Away Day at the Footie.

pal said...

Belated Birthday Greetings. Lucky you, it sounds super.