Monday, 17 August 2009

Towel Art

100_0204.jpg, originally uploaded by mornev.

We are going on a river trip on the River Nile later in the year and this photo taken on board the Prince Abbas steam ship as we sailed Lake Nasser in Egypt several years ago always makes me feel happy.

While we were eating dinner on board on our last night, housekeeping got busy in our cabin using towels and Morty's clothes and sunglasses creating this ghostly figure holding empty envelopes ready to be stuffed with a healthy tip, thanking them for keeping our cabin so beautifully clean and cared for.

Certainly made us laugh and we were happy to give generously for such inspired towel art.


Maddie Grigg said...

That would have bloody terrified me. It's like something from The Mummy.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

It is isn't it? But they also made elegant swans, hearts - and a crocodile.

If Dorset hotel housekeepers started to do towel art I suppose they'd start with a seagull?

Millennium Housewife said...