Sunday, 18 October 2009

All Fur Coat and No Knickers

I'm in a quandry when it comes to judging restaurant food these days. There was nothing wrong with the above first course of pigeon breast on a cauliflower puree. But it had no substance - All Fur Coat and No Knickers. As if some cooks these days think a big plate, a miniscule portion and an arty farty bit of garnish pass for great cooking.

There was nothing wrong with the above deep fried prawns, a fig chutney and dressed leaves. It tasted good but somehow uninspiring. Somehow not honest.

The above side order of Triple Cooked Chips were fantastic. I would have liked three times as many chips and a bowl of mayo as a main course and nothing else.

I know what it is. On almost every plate of food this cook places in front of the diner the various components of the dish Do Not Touch Each Other. Like they've had a row or have a contagious illness. They never meet, never blend, touch either on the plate or in the mouth. This is perfect food cooked without love.

And I would like to meet the chef who introduced the paintbrush to the kitchen. You know - when the chef puts a puree on a big plate and drags the paintbrush through it. I would like to meet the chef who ever first did this and then I would like to smack him.
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Maddie Grigg said...

Oh, Buggles, I would like to see that. Maybe the chef has Aspergers or something.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

It would be a Mental Smack in my head as I'm a coward. But I hate it. Some of the dribbles of sauce and the smears on plates served up now taste of nothing. Thinking back I can see my late husband wiping those spots and smears off the plates before he'd let them leave the kitchen. Give me the gravy boat!

I thought that too. This food not touching thing because if you look at food cooked by very skilled chefs they don't pile food up on the plate but there is a blending and a link between it all.