Thursday, 26 April 2007

Lavatorial TMA

After thirty two years of loyal service, my faithful Avocado Green Lavatory has spent the whole day in my front garden waiting for the Plumber Man to take him to the tip. When my Mum reads this she will tell me I Have No Shame posting a photo of my old toilet on my Blog.I shall have to reassure her that the whole of my town probably now knows that I am the last person on this earth to still have an Avocado Lavatory (and bath and hand-basin) as they sneak past my house, gasp in amazement at how plebby I am and tell all their friends down the pub. These numbers of people with knowing winks and nods will far exceed my Blog readership Mum.
Just as impressive was my son-in-law phoning me asking if I saw the momentous Carrying Across The Road Drama of my Avocado Bath at ten to four yesterday afternoon. I didn't see this. I know everyone else saw it.
Meanwhile, after two weeks with the builders in my house every day renovating the bathroom, I've had no other choice but to sit here at my laptop and work on my TMA as I select tiles, mosaics, emulsion and make more tea. So, as I was well behind with my studies, this is a Good Thing as my TMA is now written - to be left alone for a few days - then a re-read and file away until submitted.
I've only seen one Builder's Bum too. This was when the Plumber was doing things to my boiler and the young Electrician did a very good impression of vomiting at the view.


kat said...

Avocado Lavatory. LOL. That's the toilet from yesteryear - A piece of fashion history. I wouldn't throw it away - Don't let them take it. I'd leave it in the garden and use it as plant pot.

Plant a rose in it.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Nooooo Kat! I'm having my garden done next and I Do Not Want That Lavvy In It. I really don't.