Saturday, 28 April 2007

Urban Legend

The Sun Online has this wonderful tale of Sheep from the UK and Australia being sold as Poodles in Japan. Please click to get the computer enhanced picture of a Sheep after its been tarted up at the Poodle Parlour. Very strange.

This Blogger does a pretty good job of exposing the scam but it is a good one all the same.

Almost as good as an Urban Myth going around several years ago. A couple took their five year old with them on a holiday to Cambodia. The family fell in love with a scrappy looking little puppy dog that followed them wherever they went. It moved into their hotel room. Time to return to the UK and they couldn't leave the puppy behind so they smuggled it home.

The puppy slept in the five year old's bed every night. The Puppy got ill. They called the vet. The vet tells them,

'This isn't a dog, it's a vicious Cambodian Dock Rat.'

I like the Poodle-Sheep one better.

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kat said...

Trimmed or not it still looks like a sheep to me - I find it hard to believe that anyone would be conned into believing it was a dog. Sheep poo looks very different. :-)