Thursday, 2 April 2009

This Jacket and My Income Tax

My accountant phoned me this morning to tell me The Inland Revenue are after my outstanding income tax payment that was due at the end of January. Mr Inland Revenue usually leaves me alone as I stagger through the year making a payment as and when I can. So I was surprised by this.

"Don't be" said accountant "The Treasury have told them To Get The Money In this year"

I phoned Mr Inland Revenue and promised another payment for next week and would pay the remaining outstanding amount in a few weeks time. I was told they needed a specific date for this payment as I am in danger of being sent a distress warrant to claim possessions to the value of this amount, plus a £40 penalty, plus interest.

I was fine with this until I saw this photo of Mrs Brown taken yesterday evening wearing a Graeme Black designer jacket that allegedly cost £9000.00. I shall write that in words. Nine Thousand Pounds. I've got a similar jacket, better than that, from Next and it did not cost Nine Thousand Pounds. More like £40.00.

So now I'm not fine with this demand. I am very miffed.

Should I be?
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Maddie Grigg said...

Yes, miffed, miffed, miffed.
But she should spent the money on a longer skirt, to cover up those bloody awful legs.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

A longer skirt - more fabric-cost us even more!

I don't really want to be critical of how women look but when they spend this much of our money on clothes and still look like a sack of spuds then this is a Waste. Sack The Stylist.